Ketosis In A Nutshell


Keto Advanced Weight Loss, 30 Day Ketosis

What Is Ketosis?

As you go on your Ketosis weight loss diet journey you will discover that there are many bumps along the road.  One of the main problems is that you know that you need to burn more fat, but your body does not respond.  You are eating right but you still feel tired and sluggish. 30 Day KetosisGuess what? You gained 2 more pounds. Wow! How could this be?  It’s Happening. You are frustrated and you want to give up. But.. but.. wait!… There has to be a logical reason for this weight loss set back.  Finally, you have a breakthrough. Clarifying to yourself that it’s all about being intune with your body on a cellular level.

What our body is trying to tell us is that it needs is to be in a state of “Ketosis” to speed up the process of fat burning. If you are not in this state organically, you really are dieting backwards  Read on…

Keto Advanced Weight Loss, 30 Day ketosis

You see, our body likes to feed on carbohydrates first instead of fats and proteins. It needs to be put in a position to only feed on fats and proteins, in oder to see weight loss. We need carbohydrates to feel energized. That is a good thing. We don’t need the extra fat in our system. When you terminate carbs from your diet, your body starts to adjust and goes into a state “Ketosis”. This is good because now it will start to eat the fat which is slowing you down and making you feel heavy and sluggish.

Progressing Forward

We can then salvage our carbohydrates and get our energy back because carbs will no longer be the target for weight loss in your body’s algorithms. Allowing time for your body to absorb more energy that carbs provides for us. In return, our metabolism speeds up to burn more fat, not carbs. “YESs Finally, Success!!!!”.

Ketosis is especially good for people who are over weight and suffer from arthrities, auto-immune diseases, asthma, bloating and allergies. Ketosis works acts as an anti-inflammatory agent as well.

Positive Ketosis Results

  • Fast & Effective Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Less Hunger Pains & Cravings
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Great For Your Skin

Negative Ketosis Results

  • Decreased Energy
  • Possible Mood Swings
  • Slight Headaches
  • May Affect sleep

*Remember: If your current diet consist of a high carb intake, you may consider reducing your carbs at at more moderate pace to allow reduced cravings in its own time casually. Always consult with your primary if you have major concerns.

Keto Advanced Weight Loss, 30 Day Ketosis

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